Chief Gary F. Giardina


Chief Gary F. Giardina began his career as a police officer through the CETA program from 1978-79.

He was later appointed permanently to the force on 9/2/82.

Chief Giardina worked his way through the ranks, starting in Patrol and Tactical Division.

He was first promoted to Sergeant in 1988 and worked in the Narcotics and Patrol Division.

In 1997 he was promoted to Lieutenant and assumed command of the Community Policing Division.

He was then promoted to Captain in 2002 and assigned to Field Operations Bureau which consists of the Patrol Division, Traffic Division and Communications with responsibility for the largest component of officers in the department.

Chief Giardina has an extensive educational background which includes a Masters of Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a BS degree from Jersey City State College in Criminal Justice.
The Chief is also a National and State Certified Public Manager.

He is a strong believer in open communications and cooperation not only within the department but also with other City, County, State and Federal Departments.

“There are no unimportant jobs or people in this agency. Everyone plays an essential role in the success of this Police Department”