1. Accident Reports generally are available 3 business days after the report was taken, upon request.

2. Police Investigative/Incident Reports are released in the following manner:

A. Through Discovery Ė

1. If you are the defendant in a matter to be heard in Municipal Court, a copy of the complaint and proper identification must be presented and you must complete a Records Release Form, or a written request for discovery must be forwarded by your attorney. The fee for release of discoverable records is 75 cents per page as set by City Ordinance.

2. If you are the victim or complainant in a Municipal Court action, you are entitled to discovery only if you have personally signed the complaint and are representing yourself or have retained private counsel. You must complete a Records Release Form to obtain these records and the 75 cents per page discovery fee as set by City Ordinance does apply. A copy of the complaint and proper identification must be presented prior to the release.

3. If any portion of a reported incident involves charges of an Indictable Offense or a Juvenile Matter, discovery related information must be obtained through the Passaic County Prosecutorís Office. Requests for these reports should be referred to the Detective handling the case.

B. In Civil Matters, all releases of records require a Subpoena which includes the names of both parties in the matter as well as the Court hearing the matter and the Court assigned Docket Number or Reference Number.

C. Any inquiry for Police Records by a third concerned party (i.e., insurance companies, Governmental agencies or other business interests) should be forwarded in writing to the Clifton Police Records Division. All information will be forwarded directly to the concerned party making the official request, or they will be referred to the Passaic County Prosecutorís Office when appropriate.

D. Other requests for reports from individuals, who have a legitimate interest for tax or insurance purposes, etc., will be referred to the Police Records Supervisor or in his/her absence, to the Lieutenant in command of the Division or the Captain in command of the Bureau.

1. Copies of these reports must be reviewed prior to release, and should not be released where there are named suspects or arrestees.

2. A Records Release Form must be completed whenever an incident report is being released under these circumstances.

          E. If a copy of a report concerning lost or stolen property cannot be released for any reason, a Letter of Verification can be obtained as proof of the reporting of the incident.